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puotila all stars


Puotila All Stars is a house band complete with a star soloist. The ensemble varies according to the occasion, need and soloist. In the standard ensemble you'll find Riku Rajamaa, guitar - Heikki Laine - bass, Lasse Piirainen, keyboards and Tomi Salesvuo, drums. If necessary, other instruments, a percussionist or even another soloist will also be included. The repertoire consists of new interpretations of songs familiar to everyone, both from the artists' own productions and from their own favorite songs.

Puotila All Stars is also the house band of Puotila Kartano's suburban club and the EastFest Helsinki festival. I wonder if it also performed as the Soruruoto All Stars at Pori Jazz.


The guest stars of the All Stars band have been e.g. Kasmir, Jonna Tervomaa, Osmo Ikonen, Erja Lyytinen, Heikki Silvennoinen, Jore Marjaranta, Jussu Pöyhönen, Maarit Hurmerinta and Mikko Leppilampi.

Gigs and news can be watched on Facebook:   @puotilaallstars

If you want a high-quality ensemble for your event, where you can have a guaranteed party and get the dance floor mixed up, but where the music performance also has eye-catching and high-quality audiences, then contact us. Let's tailor just the right package for you!

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