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Osmo ikonen swings


Singer Osmo Ikonen is familiar from popular Finnish TV-show SuomiLOVE as well as the international rock band Sunrise Avenue. He is a true multi-talented musician who has long had his own solo career, switching smoothly from one style of music and instrument to another. The Swings program consists of Ikonen's own compositions and domestic Finnish and international hits, all re-arranged. Drummer Tomi Salesvuo and Basist Jori Huhtala are the rhythmic foundation for the swinging band. Furious instrumental solos are e.g. presented by Trumpeter Jukka Eskola and Trombonist Antti Rissanen.

Osmo Ikonen, Vocals and Guitar
Jukka Eskola, Trumpet
Aleksi Ahoniemi, Saxophone
Antti Rissanen, Trombone
Ilmari Aitoaho, Piano
Jori Huhtala, Bass
Tomi Salesvuo, Drums


Contact person:
040 159 9602

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