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We offer creative and versatile music for various private and public events.


Our principles include meeting the customer's needs quickly and smoothly with a high-quality music offering. If necessary, we also work holistically as a production manager in close cooperation with a company or individual. Our comprehensive network of contacts in the music industry and our diverse experience enable us to implement the most diverse music solutions. We produce concert ensembles for both festivals and corporate events, not forgetting club performances.

We have carried out concert tours in Finland, e.g. for artists such as: Aristocrats, Steve Vai, Virgil Donati, Albert Lee, Jordan Rudess, Terry Bozzio, Robben Ford, Paul Gilbert and Wayne Krantz, Keith Carlock and Tim Lefebvre for the KCL trio.

Ohjelmatoimisto & Tapahtumatuotanto
ohjelmatoimisto ja tapahtumatuotanto
Koulutus & Valmennus
Tuotannot & Julkaisut

We carry out various trainings and coaching, focusing especially on the contents of rhythm music and many different aspects of music entrepreneurship. Training and coaching content include master classes for bands and drummers, rhythmics, marketing and branding of one's own skills, and crowdfunding of culture. We also coach in artist career planning.

artistien koulutus ja valmennus

Have you ever wondered what your business sounds like? We help you develop your company's brand through music. In collaboration with you, we make a musical soundtrack about your company that you can use, for example, in advertisements, campaigns, corporate cooperation or customer communication.

Listen below to what the different lineups sound like!

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00:00 / 02:10
00:00 / 01:04
We produce unique and memorable experiences.
Contact us and let's plan a perfect show for your occasion!
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