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ASpring gigs!
Guitar legend Scott Henderson will arrive in Finland in March. The pioneer of fusion jazz will release a much-anticipated new studio album at the beginning of the year and perform with his band on his extensive album release tour also at G livelab in Tampere, Painotalo in Äänekoski and Sellosal in Espoo. As a warm-up on the tour, we will see Ape Shifter guitarist Jeff Aug, who is performing solo and also releasing a new album in January. In addition to this, guitarist Lina Mastalska will be seen
as a special guest in Scott Henderson Trio's upcoming European tour!
Lauri Schreck & Puhuri will release the new "Tapahtuu" album (Eclipse Music) in February and continue to tour. Lauri can be heard at TTT-klub in Tampere, Bar Loose in Helsinki (record release gig), and in Lahti Pikku Hanhi and Oluthuone Haavi in ​​Helsinki.
Also check out Lauri's work in progress campaign from this link!
Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack is currently preparing his new, fourth studio album. The band performs during the spring only on PE 15.03. At Puotilan Kartono new music evening together with guitarist and singer Riku Rajamaa. The gig promises new music by both Tomi and Riku, tickets for the evening from Tiketti service!
Salesvuo Syncopation jazz trio finally release a record on tour! Pope Puolitaival, Mikko Helevä and Tomi Salesvuo are busy gigging during the spring. The ten-gig tour starts From the Kuru Jazz Festival in Kuusamo PE 26.01. The band's Complete Loft Sessions album was released in the summer, and now the vinyl edition of the album is also available at concerts, stores, and Musiikkisato's online store. Follow our social channels and stay up to date with what's to come! Grab tickets to the events from the links below.

Scott Henderson & Jeff Aug
TUE 19.03. TAMPERE, G livelab
WED 20.03. ÄÄNEKOSKI, Painotalo
THU 21.03. ESPOO, Louhisali

Lauri Schreck & Puhuri
SAT 03.02. TAMPERE, TTT-Klubi
WED 14.02. HELSINKI, Bar Loose (album release gig!)
with Jussu Pöyhönen (solo)
SAT 16.03. LAHTI, Pikku Hanhi
FRI 26.04. HELSINKI, Oluthuone Haavi

Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack &
Riku Rajamaa (solo)
FRI 15.03. HELSINKI, Puotilan Kartano

Salesvuo Syncopation
“Complete Loft Sessions album release tour”

FRI 26.01. KUUSAMO, Kuru Jazz Festival
SAT 27.01. OULU, Kokardi-klubi
MON 05.02. KOTKA, Ravintola Kairo
WED 07.02. KUOPIO, King´s Crown
THU 08.02. JYVÄSKYLÄ, Vakiopaine
FRI 09.02. VAASA, Doo-Bop Club
FRI 16.02. ESPOO, April Jazz Club
SAT 09.03. VANTAA, West Side Story feat. Sami Pitkämö
THU 04.04. TAMPERE, Eclipse Jazz Club
WED 24.04. HELSINKI, Rytmihäiriö klubi



Musiikkisato a.k.a. Satomusic  turns 20 years im March 2023! It feels great to celebrate a milestone and to say that even after all the turmoil in the world, we are still continuing our journey and our eyes are strictly positively on the future. It's a pleasure to work with wonderful artists and top musicians, to be involved in implementing concert and tour ensembles as well as unique corporate events, and to contribute our part to ensuring that high-quality music reaches an even wider audience of music lovers in the future!
The collaboration between Musiikkisato and the John Nurminen Foundation will continue.
In honor of the anniversary, we want to continue our cooperation that started last year and do our part to support the important work of the John Nurminen Foundation to save the Baltic Sea. The protection of water bodies is extremely important and it is close to us as a whole Musiikkisato family, after all, we live right by the Baltic Sea. In the anniversary year, we will donate 1 euro per ticket sold from every concert organized by Musiikkisato Oy to support the foundation's work.
By participating in our events and buying concert or gig tickets for the events organized and produced by Musiikkisato, you too are helping to save our only ocean!

"I am really happy about the continuation of the cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation, and it is great to say that we will donate a portion of every gig organized by Musiikkisato Oy to save the Baltic Sea. We want to support the important work done by the Foundation and to be involved in saving the Baltic Sea has been on my mind for a long time and it's great that the cooperation has now started!"
Tomi Salesvuo, musician, entrepreneur, Musiikkisato Oy


"By donating, you are helping to protect the Baltic Sea and ensure that the legacy of the sea is also passed on to future generations. The John Nurminen Foundation thanks Musiikkisato for the valuable support and the cooperation that has begun, which we direct to promote the well-being of our common sea and nurture maritime cultural heritage."
Johanna Suni, communications manager, John Nurminen Foundation

This year too, there are going to be amazing experiences and unique encounters in concert halls, clubs and festivals. Concerts that have already been arranged and announced are listed below, but many additions are still to come. Follow our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram and see you at the gigs!


22.05. Andre Nieri X Grand Discovery Kotka, Ravintola Kairo

23.05. Andre Nieri X Grand Discovery, Pori, Validi Karkia -klubi

24.05. Andre Nieri X Grand Discovery, Tampere, Hönö

25.05. Andre Nieri X Grand Discovery, Espoo, Louhisali

01.06. Salesvuo Syncopation, Helsinki, Koko Jazz Klubi
22.07. Salesvuo Syncopation, Helsinki, Puotilan Kartano
29.07. Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack feat. Sami Pitkämö, Kihveli soikoon festivaali
01.08. Salesvuo Syncopation, Helsinki, Jazz Espa
12.08. Lauri Schreck & Puhuri, Helsinki, Puotilan Kartano
20.08. Salesvuo Syncopation, Helsinki, Tenho
26.08. Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack, Espoo, Privat

26.10. The Aristocrats, Jyväskylä, Lutakko

27.10. The Aristocrats, Tampere, Olympiakortteli

28.10. The Aristocrats, Helsinki, Ääniwall



Gigs in Jyväskylä, Kalajoki, Tampere and Helsinki

Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack will continue their Spring tour on Wednesday 29 March 2023 from Jyväskylä. with the band's special guest Sami Pitkämö.


Sami and Tomi have chosen both their own and borrowed songs for the tour program. The theme is simple: "Just the best music." They will perform East Funk Attack original songs and Sami Pitkämö's own songs. You will also hear music from Lenny Kravitz, Jamiroquai, U2 and Foo Fighters. The band will perform at Espoo Kulttuurikeskus, Luohi-sali. Nuijamies in Lappeenranta, Virta-sali in Kalajoki, TTT-klubi in Tampere and in Helsinki at the home ground of Tomi, in Puotilan Kartano.


Tomi is happy about the unconventional repertoire: "It's always been super awesome to play with Sam! We've known each other and played music in different contexts for over 25 years and now it's finally an honor to play club gigs and concerts together with Sami and my band East Funk Attack. Sami's versatile musicality has fascinated me and we have always hit it off on stage right away. It feels wonderful to be able to perform a special program that, in addition to my own and Sam's compositions, includes songs from favorite artists that have touched us both, but in versions specially adapted for these gigs!"

Tour dates

WED 29.03. JYVÄSKYLÄ, Poppari

THU 30.03. KALAJOKI, Virta sali

FRI 31.03. HELSINKI, Puotilan Kartano

SAT 01.04. TAMPERE, TTT-klubi


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